Create Your Chiller Chair
Choose materials and colours to create a perfect chair for your exquisite interior. Upholstery is exchangeable: order additional at any time if the mood has changed due to the season or to refresh the home style. Many scenarios, one chair. Chiller Chair.

Top cover
3 materials (velour | vegan eco-leather | chenille)
15 colours (5 in each material)

FAQ: Which material to use?

Metal frame
4 colours

Wooden base
2 types of cover (wood oil | paint)
7 options

Let us...

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Frequently asked questions about customisation and materials.

If your question is not answered below, I will be happy to hear from you: - talk to me. (Hi! I’m Alex, the mother of the CHILLER CHAIR. I know aaaaall about it. Literally!)
3 materials for upholstery. What's the difference?

All three materials are:

  • Wear-resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to clean

They differ in texture. Which one do you prefer?


Pleasant sophisticated weave texture, ideal for creating a classic, and at the same time, modern style.


Breathable structure and characteristic velvet softness. The material creates a sense of sophistication and modernity.

Vegan Eco Leather

Eco-friendly, soft, and does not absorb dirt and dust. Timeless appearance and quality ensure that the chair stays stylish no matter what changes you make to your interior in the future.

Cat or dog in the house?
Resistant to claws - velour and vegan eco-leather. The next option will be a chenille, however, it is important to choose options with a smaller weave.
Do you like to host guests?
If you like to surprise, then you should pay attention to velour and its rich colours. Moreover, you can always order an additional cover to change the season or mood, since our upholstery is removable.

If your meetings are more about home comfort, the smell of fresh baked goods, hygge and the mood of quiet songs by the fire, then maybe the cozy texture of the chenille fabric or amazing for any time or occasion our vegan eco-leather.

The stork is already carrying a baby to your house?
Especially for parenthood, we have developed an additional “light” cover that can be put on the main upholstery and washed in the washing machine (+ can be made with a waterproof lining, in case of surprises that often happen with children).

During pregnancy and the first months with a baby, you want everything that is most natural. The "lightweight" cover is made of natural linen and/or cotton, which emphasises the comfort of a home.

You can also order a nursing pillow specially designed for the Chiller Chair for our chair, also in any desired fabrics. The pillow also has a removable cover and you can order an additional cover to replace at any time.

I can't imagine what the chair will look like at home ...
We will be happy to prepare a visualisation of the chair for you and "insert" it into a photo of your interior. This service is free and helps to visually see how the chair will look in your space. It is also possible to compare several options of covers, as different colours give different accents to the room.

What is the size of the chair?
Diameter 90 cm.
The height of the front edge is 40 cm, and the backrest is 80 cm.

P.s. Very convenient that as well as being very stable, Chiller CHair can be easily moved around with one hand if you need to change its location in the house.
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