"Design is intelligence made visible." 
"Design is intelligence made visible." 

  • Organized, developed, and established the system of storing the information regarding inner products. Collect, categorized, and structured the information considering suppliers, purchases, and logistics.
  • Mastered the skills of getting things done in time communicating with suppliers and clients. Proactively reacting and solving all arising problems.
  • Designed and implemented flowcharts that described the whole manufacturing process of products including safety measures, best practices, checklists etc.
  • Managed as part of a team the manufacturing of more than 10 projects.

It was the very beginning of my journey when I realized that everything is possible.
My Journey
Junior Designer
I was excited to learn how new materials and technologies are born, so, and found just the right place to learn and explore.
Senior Designer
Along the way, I realised that I not only love to create objects - I enjoy organising the whole process. I am always excited about an opportunity to optimise the process and make it more efficient. Thus, when I fell in love with Excel and started designing flowcharts, organising the storage and exchanging of information, simplifying inner communication.
Project Manager
Working along with an engineer, head of the manufacturing, and designer we were executing complex projects for the best Architectural Buroes in Russia - designing new materials and technologies and figuring out how to bring to life the craziest ideas.
And it was hell of a ride.
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